The html desktop version of the game is presented below.

This is a mobile game for tablets and smartphones as the participant carries it through the streets in role-play. It takes longer than the desktop V as the participant needs to travel  in traffic.

To assist with imagining are the behind the scenes directions below:

  1. A google street view link to show the Oakland downtown area of interest: google streetvw button

  2. The participant will use both this Oakland Role app and  Twitter for communication between participants and posting. The Twitter link is below with the sign-in available on the app: twitter button

  3. The participant will meet a facilitator at the 19th Street Bart lower level. There a signed waiver will be required. The participant will then play the game up until the Profile Choice. Upon their choice they  will be outfitted with props (a manual wheelchair, dark glasses & cane, or earplugs with 3 minutes of training). The module continues on the mobile app prompting the participant to explore. The facilitator will be available for help on twitter using the hashtag #help.waiver button

  4. After you finish look below the desktop version for follow up surveys.


The html desktop version below. It defaults to the tablet profile of the product. If your device has an html compatible internet connection, this desktop page can used.

Follow-up Survey (this will be emailed to the participant a couple days after the event):
exit survey